Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What the Heck is the Meaning of "Heck"?

Credits to: www.bennadel.com

While I am thinking of my must-be breathtaking, ice breaking magnificent first blog post here, the idea of putting the word "Heck" in the title just came in to mind. I am thinking of "What the Heck I am Doing Here" title for self introduction. Then, wanting to be sure of the word I am using, I googled the word "Heck".

I don't know if you already know its meaning or you're also a heck naive like me. I am just pretty amazed to discover that the meaning of "heck" is a fusion of the words "hell" and "fuck". What the heck!

So, this comprise the breathtaking, ice breaking magnificent heck first blog post of mine: educating you the meaning of "heck".

But for future posts, you will be educated by the random things I learned by being a go getter, hard headed, impulsive girl who currently explores digital marketing, entrepreneurship, writing, technology and things in between.

Stay tuned.