Friday, June 27, 2014

#HootUpMNL 's Owly of the Night

Attending different events of my interest adds color to my life and career. This time, I attended the first ever HootUp event in Manila. HootUp because it is an event of Hootsuite, a known social media management platform. It was hosted by KSquad, a virtual outsourcing solutions company. I came a little late in the event so I don't know exactly how it started. Upon registration, I was given a cut out cardboard with an owl outline. While listening to the talk led by Commune Cafe founder and Vanilla Social Media Agency Co-Founder, me and other late comer were coloring the owl with crayons provided. Mine turns out to be like this...
(It doesn't turned out to what I am picturing in mind. I am no-artist)

After the talk, we were given some snacks. Note: the cupcake is cute because of the whimsical owl.

For the last part, our owl cardboards were gathered by the host. Five most creative will be chosen....and I was sooo surprised that mine was chosen as kinda 1st runner up. The awarding was a bit awkward because they put on the sash and a toy crown. LOL. But still, I am all smile being one of the "Owly of the Night" (we're two Miss Owlys). 

Here's what I've got...

And this #HootUpMNL event made my night and blog post.

Many thanks to Vanilla PH and Manger Cafe!