Monday, June 30, 2014

Being Victimized by Entrepreneurism Epidemic - This is Me.


Aira is a modern lass who simply wants to live life to the fullest.
But she really means it.

Aira always get out of her comfort zone for the sake of different experiences life has to offer.
She welcomes changes with excitement and optimism, rather than fear.

She go against passivity. Aira believes that everybody can define their own destiny by being persistent in creating possibilities and taking opportunities.

Aira wants an early retirement. She would want to enjoy the fruits of her hard works while she still has the energy to explore the world and go on to adventures.

Aira is a solo entrepreneur and a self starter. Being impulsive and unpredictable, she would do whatever came in to mind - like venturing into different businesses. She's selling since she was seven. Sold her drawings as bookmarks to her classmates when she was in grade school. Made beaded jewelries for retailers at the mall during high school and provided her professors everyday outfit by selling plus size clothes.

Even she currently has a day job, Aira dreads the kind of living of just depending on 15th and 30th month pay alone and being under to anyone who will make or break a career.

So, while having a day time job, she founded a digital marketing startup called Whimsical Marketing. It is where she shows off her talent in writing and love for technology. This also gives her a chance to incorporate her strong business background in every project she handles.

Friday, June 27, 2014

#HootUpMNL 's Owly of the Night

Attending different events of my interest adds color to my life and career. This time, I attended the first ever HootUp event in Manila. HootUp because it is an event of Hootsuite, a known social media management platform. It was hosted by KSquad, a virtual outsourcing solutions company. I came a little late in the event so I don't know exactly how it started. Upon registration, I was given a cut out cardboard with an owl outline. While listening to the talk led by Commune Cafe founder and Vanilla Social Media Agency Co-Founder, me and other late comer were coloring the owl with crayons provided. Mine turns out to be like this...
(It doesn't turned out to what I am picturing in mind. I am no-artist)

After the talk, we were given some snacks. Note: the cupcake is cute because of the whimsical owl.

For the last part, our owl cardboards were gathered by the host. Five most creative will be chosen....and I was sooo surprised that mine was chosen as kinda 1st runner up. The awarding was a bit awkward because they put on the sash and a toy crown. LOL. But still, I am all smile being one of the "Owly of the Night" (we're two Miss Owlys). 

Here's what I've got...

And this #HootUpMNL event made my night and blog post.

Many thanks to Vanilla PH and Manger Cafe!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why Millennials Should Do Your Digital Marketing?

Vector Flat Design style illustration of website analytics search information concept - stock vector

Today, Millennials make up about 25% of American workers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. By 2020, that number will grow to more than 40%.  If you would want that high amount of growth for your income stream, then you should target the millennial generation. No one will understand millennials better than someone who belongs to the group.

Another reason is, its "digital" marketing - modernized and in need of fresh ideas. Millennials have a proven track record in innovation. Facebook's Zuckerberg is a millennial. Most tech startup founders and team members are millennials. They really break traditions and creating the new way of living. Digital marketing is far from the old school marketing. Like, if you would turn back the time where internet still does not exist, then present the idea of content marketing - which means providing informative cues rather than salestalk, most probably it will be labelled as absurd.

Why Millennials Should Do Your Digital Marketing?

Because digital marketing is their brainchild. 
No further explanations needed.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What the Heck is the Meaning of "Heck"?

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While I am thinking of my must-be breathtaking, ice breaking magnificent first blog post here, the idea of putting the word "Heck" in the title just came in to mind. I am thinking of "What the Heck I am Doing Here" title for self introduction. Then, wanting to be sure of the word I am using, I googled the word "Heck".

I don't know if you already know its meaning or you're also a heck naive like me. I am just pretty amazed to discover that the meaning of "heck" is a fusion of the words "hell" and "fuck". What the heck!

So, this comprise the breathtaking, ice breaking magnificent heck first blog post of mine: educating you the meaning of "heck".

But for future posts, you will be educated by the random things I learned by being a go getter, hard headed, impulsive girl who currently explores digital marketing, entrepreneurship, writing, technology and things in between.

Stay tuned.